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14 Days Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Two-week - 14 Days of Yoga Retreats at Yoga Rishikesh are molded in a mellow manner and include a well-measured blend of Yoga practice, local sight-seeing tours, and several gratifying activities, all in the cozy lap of Mother Nature. These retreats serve as any other holiday, but only better, since there are slices of education, information, as well as entertainment. Our highly trained and experienced Gurus will guide you to train your mind in such a way that, with practice, you can find peace and joy on your fingertips at all times.

There often comes a time in our lives when we reach a point where let ourselves fall so deep into a spiral of stress and strain due to our regular routine that makes us haplessly flail around for someone to toss a buoy and pull us out. We at Yoga Rishikesh provide an opportunity to such emotionally stranded souls looking for an outlet to escape the worldly shackles and emerge from the spiral as individuals who have found peace internally.


Yoga Rishikesh is an abode of spiritual bliss snuggled among the Himalayas, where you will be shown how to live a holistic life despite the constant constraints that are a part and parcel of your seemingly hectic existenc

The 14 days yoga retreat is an inexorably famous pattern which advances sound living and prosperity. You will see the change inside multi-week of this retreat program and will feel invigorated and inspired. This is simply the most ideal path for you to remove yourself from every day life rushed calendar and find restore yourself with 14 days Yoga Retreat. Our program will clearly assist you with imbibing solid propensities through all-encompassing methodology. The 14 days Yoga Retreat comprises of tweaked Hatha and Ashtanga yoga practices close by detox and de-push medications, asanas, reflection, pranayama, significant loosening up, yogic kriyas and more into your regular daily existence paying little respect to your age and experience.